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November 7, 2017
Deed Search
November 7, 2017

ApEx Title Pro offers a full array of Title Search and closing services, including commercial, residential and industrial transactions. When you are in need of title services or have questions about the transfer of property, we want to be your first choice. We Do work for different clients in USA for all States and Counties. For Full Search, we Do both Onsite (Local Abstracting Process) and online Document retrieval which will take 2-3 business day for Onsite Document retrieval and 1-2 days for Online Document retrieval. For Full 60years search it will take 4 days and this will be done onsite. We Do work 24/7.

We customize our property title searches to meet your needs, but always search the following:

  1. Deed information back to an arms length transaction.
  2. All voluntary encumbrances that have not been released.
  3. All involuntary encumbrances that have not been released, including state and federal tax liens, mechanics liens, judgments affecting the property, UCC fixtures relating to the property, etc.
  4. Parcel information, current taxes, due dates, paid status, delinquent taxes and payoff dates. Tax bills and taxing authority information can be provided upon request.
  5. County effective dates.
  6. Foreclosure searches provide the original complaint information and docket, plus any pertinent filings depending upon how far the case has progressed.
  7. Copies are charged at a pass through, and only the specific copies requested are provided.

Check List to Complete Order:

  • Property Owner First Name
  • Property Owner Last Name
  • Address
  • County
  • Dates
  • Search Type
  • Book and page where the document is file
  • Lot (where the property is located)